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Laser Safety Officer training course UK


Course finished

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Course finished

Laser Safety Officer training course UK

The course draws upon core laser safety protocols as recognized through IEC, ANSI and MHRA documents and a course structure based upon recommendations of the British Medical Laser Association.

Course Objectives

  • The course is designed for physiotherapists and sports medicine practitioners who have basic knowledge of lasers and who have experience of their use within a clinical setting.
  • A background of laser structure, laser photonic energy production and emission modes will be covered.
  • Core aspects of laser safety and UK Care Quality Commission regulations as they apply to Class IIIB and IV laser use in clinical practice will be provided.
  • The emphasis is to provide evidence- based, non-commercially affiliated knowledge and instruction to enable you to develop your use of lasers in a safe manner, consistent with a best practice accreditation and regulatory compliance.


Course Outcome

  • You will receive didactic instruction and documentation relative to the safe use of all lasers with emphasis on those Class 3R, 3M and Class IV lasers in delivering physiotherapy and supportive sports medicine.
  • At the end of the course you will be asked to undergo a test for the release of the certificate, which confers n°7 credits for 7 hours of verifiable continuing educational credits.
  •  Upon successful completion of the MCQ test, you will receive accreditation as Laser Safety Officer, consistent with best practice in the delivery of therapeutic laser photonics.



Dr. Steven Parker

Steven Parker is Honorary Professor, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester and has been involved with lasers for 30 years. He has received publication in over 70 peer-reviewed papers on the use of lasers in dentistry. He serves as associate-editor of the journal Lasers in Medical Science. From 2010 – 2020 he worked as Contract Professor (Professore a Contratto), Department of Surgical Sciences and Integrated Diagnostics at the University of Genoa and was International Coordinator and Lead Faculty of the Academic Master Degree (MSc) degree (Livello II) programme in laser dentistry at the University. He was the dental consultant to the UK MHRA publication (2nd ed. 2015) "Guidance on the Safe Use of Lasers, Intense Light Source Systems and LEDs in Medical Surgical Dental and Aesthetic Practices”.
Steven is currently studying for a PhD in photobiomodulation and soft tissue healing at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.


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